Google Reader/Notebook/Bookmarks?

December 22, 2007

I’m a huge fan of Google (who isn’t) but there’s some interesting “cross breeding” taking place particularly between Bookmarks and Notebook. I use Google Reader as my mass input source for feeds which I scan and then if I want to store a page I’ve used Google Bookmarks. However, the new highlighting/annotation feature, for Notebook has me experimenting! Instead of bookmarketing the page I want for future reference I now Notebook it by hi-liting the title of the page. This accomplishes the following:

  • It files the page under a notebook (major classification catagory, like Marketing Planning) and I can use “Labels” (same as Tags, although there is a bug in Notebook that makes me have to open the label box twice before I can use it properly)
  • If I somehow stumble across this page at another time I automatically know that it is already bookmarked because the title is hilited (I never notice the “bookmark” yellow star in the browser menu so this ads “redundency”)

Here’s a screenshot I clipped from a blog attempting to demonstrate what I’m referring to:


There is an issue though. Since I use Google Reader to receive blog, news and site updates I would like to know, within my reader, whether I’ve already Notebooked the page or not! I don’t want to star or label anything in Reader….this creates double work.

Perhaps the brainiacs at Google are already working on this crossover feature/service.