The evolution of the web (2.0 style)

June 27, 2007

Thanks to my colleagues(Mark and Dave) for sharing this video with me. In a previous post I provided my point of view as to why web 2.0 is different. Watch this video and you’ll see (and feel) what I mean. For those of you not into Web 2.0 get with it…this is powerful and has awesome promise. This is a great time of sharing, collaborating, helping and a time where your voice is/will be heard. What are you waiting for? =)


How simple is it to create word of mouth?! Real Simple!

August 29, 2006

Below is a video from YouTube. Here is what is amazing! As I post this video that slams Verizon’s “national coverage” I am watching a Verizon commercial on CBS! Wow! Verizon is announcing that Walmart is selling their services. Here is an example of how web2.0 and social media (sharing ideas, videos, music, pictures, source code..etc) can be used to “advertise” a consumers point of view.

How simple is it for me to extend this consumers voice? Real simple! This video implies that Verizon’s coverage sucks in New York City. Who are you going to believe? Verizon or this consumer? Will this impact Verizon? Maybe not, but word of mouth travels (whether true or not) and people are very jaded about what they see and hear from advertisers.

So what would I do? I’d find my loyal Verizon customers and create a REAL CAMPAIGN using their “Can You Hear Me Now” creative. Instead of an actor walking around saying “Can You Hear Me Now” why not mobilize (pun intended) their loyal customers to prove (and disprove) the coverage or lack thereof claim.

[Sidenote: So how easy is it for you to post a YouTube video in your blog? Extremely simple, I’ll show you how this works next!]

Viral Marketing Backfired?

August 4, 2006 may have sunk it’s chances with Subway due to backlash from YouTube viewers. Subway is conducting an Agency of Record search and was asked to pitch. They decided to “pre-pitch” by recording their creative planning sessions and field research and then posting it on YouTube to create some viral buzz. It seems that the social networking community is not impressed and that this contrived approach to “viral marketing” has backfired.

The power of social networking, viral experiences and web 2.0 could very well have sunk’s chances. We will see but feel free to be the judge yourself. Watch the video.

The Power of An Idea!

July 30, 2006


Originally uploaded by kylemac.

One Red Paper Clip is a story about how one person started with a red paper clip and through a series of trades ended up getting a house. Kyle MacDonald, is now the proud owner of a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

Amazing story!

Social Media At Work?

July 28, 2006

I received a call today from Leah Redditt today from The Laudi Group, a recruitment firm. Leah assessed my interest in a Director of Marketing position at an eCommerce company in Toronto. How this is relevant to my web2.0 experience you may wonder? Leah saw my LinkedIn profile and gave me a call.

LinkedIn is a networking site where you post your professional profile and then link with other people you know, meet and are introduced to. It is another example of people using the web to connect with each other.

For those job hunting here’s the position that Leah is looking to fill for her client:

The role: *Director of Marketing

*Our client is a leading provider of hosted and customizable eCommerce solutions for online sellers. Hosted an ASP-model offering (up front cost with shared revenue). Company is $6M, staff of 75, growing quickly, shared revenue model. Clients include Dell, Ebay,, Overstock, Ubid, Disney, MLB, etc. (all US, not Canada)

This company is looking for a dynamic marketing professional who has expertise in the product management discipline. This individual will be responsible for the direction and strategy of the marketing efforts.

Location: Toronto
Salary: Open

Leah Redditt
Research Associate
The Laudi Group
T: 416-934-9500 x149
F: 416-935-2500