Lot’s have happened while my head’s been in the sand!

November 12, 2006

Hey, I’m back. It’s been awhile, my head has been burried deep in many things to such an extent my “day job” has creeped, more like consumed, my family and blogging life.

The new marketing world is moving fast in the great white north.

Michael Seaton has released a podcast series called “The Money Clip. Great stuff.

PodCamp Toronto is being held on February 24-25th. Cool!

And “Mesh”, A Web Conference, will be held in Toronto in May! This is a “must attend” conference if you’re serious about web 2.0, social media and new marketing (take your pick! =)). While I’m impressed with the keynote presenters, I am equally impressed with the Canadian talent that is organizing this.

This is really encouraging and I encourage all those wishing to transform the way they do business to attend podcamp and go to the web conference. Listen to the Money Clip. Why? We need to learn and listen more. We need to get together and build our competency and skills in new media now. As a Canadian I’m encouraged but dismayed that we appear late in the “new marketing” game.


An informal podcasting poll

October 1, 2006

Reality Check

Recently at my company sales conference I took an informal poll on podcasting. The question I asked the room of 45 people was how many of you listen to podcasts? Three hands went up. I work for a technology company which is riddled with talent and early adopters. So what’s the scoop? I don’t know…yet…but I my gut feel is that many folks just haven’t been exposed to it yet. Here are some key things for us to do to increase awareness and adoption of podcasting and web 2.0 stuff as a whole.

1) Show and Tell – show people how they can benefit from listening to podcasts and provide some examples of how they can integrate podcast listening into their daily lives. They can listen while exercising (reduces boredom, makes better use of time and hey you’ll get fitter!), during the daily commute, during boring tradeshow presentations. The sky is the limit. Tell them how others are using podcasting both personally and professionally. There is tremendous variety and types of shows with more coming online regularly. Podcasting is about discovering shows that entertain, educate and engage.

Also, tell people that they are free! I believe that when people hear that they are on iTunes they naturally think there is a charge. NOPE…and it had better stay that way.

2) Create one – produce family podcasts and send them to relatives. Create a podcast for your department, your company, your organization, your hobby. It’s extremely simple and fun.

Add to the list!

A Blog to read and a firm to watch…..& learn

September 15, 2006

Fresh Glue, a blog by BKG is a must read. The firm, located in South Dakota, is a firm to watch too. They have launched what I would call a web 2.0 or social media campaign with the goal of hiring one talented new marketing dude or dudette. What’s the vehicle for promoting their recruitment efforts? They are sponsoring Across The Sound, a popular new marketing podcast produced by Joseph Jaffe, author of the Jaffe Juice Blog.

Joseph is a Marketing Superhero candidate, but that’s a separate conversation and blog.

BKG is offering more then a job opportunity. They are offering you the opportunity to join an organization of thought leaders who appreciate talent, passion, family, safety and quality of life. I believe they are on to something.

I think using Across the Sound is a good choice because Joseph is committed to them being successful. The logical reason is he wants to show that sponsorship works on his show. However, while this is likely true, Joseph wants his show to help BKG achieve their goal. He has, on numerous occasions, announced his committment and desire for BKG to succeed and he’s offering $500 to the successful candidate. Again, look deeper then the obvious on this one. Real marketing is about real relationships and real results…and not CPM, Mascots, Superbowl ads, taglines, logos and marketing fluff. The times are a changin!

One thing I would suggest BKG to do is to set up a Flickr site and post pictures of Sioux Falls and any other photos that help visually display the quality of life they talk about in their vignettes on Across The Sound.

Good Stuff and my hope is that BKG finds the person they are looking for and that person finds the quality of live the aspire to have!

Podcasting – “A 1:1:n Interactive Conversation”

July 25, 2006


It is really interesting to see how Podcasters like Joseph Jaffe who’s Podcast series Across The Sound (ATS)is trying, testing and daring to do things. Podcasting, as is the case with blogs, starts with one person picking an area of interest and producing content that is or becomes compelling to readers/listeners.

Across The Sound is about “new marketing” (see my “who cares” post on labels) which revolves around creating and continuing conversation with listeners. As is the case with great podcasts, Joseph makes a 1to1 and 1ton (many) connection for listeners. The 1to1 connection starts by providing compelling content that I helps me learn, makes me laugh and kills time when I’m on the stairmaster! This 1to1 connection is amplified when listening with an iPOD where pretty much all you hear is the voice of the podcaster in your mind. The earphones block out noise and distractions making it even more “connected”.

As is the case with every ATS podcast, I can leave an audio comment expressing my point of view on the subject, the overall podcast or anything I want. These comments can be integrated into a show or in some cases can become the basis of an entire show. By playing audio comments my views are broadcast to the listening audience. My comments may spur other comments and debate. This interactive conversation is different from radio programs for reasons I may go into detail when I’m less tired!

If you are going to podcast, I suggest you allow your listeners to leave audio comments and/or post comments.

Finding Good Podcasts

July 16, 2006

I’ve now been listening to podcasts for about 3 months and have been learning by trial and error what are good ones and what aren’t. However, I wonder whether there is such as thing as a defacto “good podcast”? It’s so new that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Here is a place you can go that may be useful in helping find “good podcasts”.

Another nail in the coffin?

July 15, 2006

The iPOD has opened my mind! It is THE primary device I use to listen and learn DAILY. iTUNES searches, updates and aggregates the stuff I listen to. As a result, I’m able to listen to great music (to be entertained) and great minds (to learn and get involved) about Web 2.0 stuff.

When I take in a Podcast, I hear about opportunities to meet people (DemoCamp, CaseCamp) in group settings and one to one with thought leaders like Mitch from Twist Image who’s Podcast Six Pixels of Separation you must listen to.

So what is the relevance to my Title “Another Nail in the Coffin?”. It’s very simple, today’s internet generation share ideas, pictures, music, source code and on and on. This is a culture and movement away from traditional uni-directional “selective” communication from the media and corporations. They are and will lose control if they don’t embrace this phenomena. Take music for example. I want to pay the artists directly for their talent and I’d like most of the money to go to them and not old age overhead such as retailers, distributors and “labels”. I want to reward people who provide the most value to me. I’m not interested in lining the pockets of rich shareholders and overpaid executives.

I guarantee you that someone will use this evolving social network as a viable distribution channel for products and services. The next music label may be a consortium of artists and fans working together to create great music and be paid for their efforts. Heck I can burn CD’s and promote them. Why do we need Sony? Why do we need ticketmaster?

Change your business by embracing the changing web. Open up the kumo and ask and receive honest feedback from customers, partners AND employees. Get with it or the “new” companies such as Google and the “new consumer” will eat your lunch.

Marketing Monger and why he’s on to something

July 3, 2006

Eric Mattson is on a quest to produce 1000 podcasts! This got my attention for two reasons. 1) This is a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and 2) It’s about a subject of great interest to me professionally and personally…marketing. He focuses on this topic and engaging with experts in the marketing field.

There have been a few interviews that put me to sleep and Eric says “uh huh” a little too often. He may use this as a mechanism to keep the speaker moving and encouraged. However, I’ve listened to (hang on I’m checking my iPOD) about 15 interviews so far and Eric gets an A!

[Update: The power of blogging! Eric responded to this observation, it may be just me being petty(re: the uh huh thing)..but he is open to feedback from his listeners. This is the sign of a good podcaster that get’s it. Click on the comments link below].

The other smart thing he has done is set up a blog which he uses for show notes and links to content referenced in each podcast. This is a requirement for good podcasting I’ve learned.