The evolution of the web (2.0 style)

June 27, 2007

Thanks to my colleagues(Mark and Dave) for sharing this video with me. In a previous post I provided my point of view as to why web 2.0 is different. Watch this video and you’ll see (and feel) what I mean. For those of you not into Web 2.0 get with it…this is powerful and has awesome promise. This is a great time of sharing, collaborating, helping and a time where your voice is/will be heard. What are you waiting for? =)


Embedding Google video-second attempt

September 3, 2006

UPDATE: No plugin needed just use and put in the URL for the google video after the equals sign. My thanks to the Neurophilosophers blog for the answer.

Google Video Test

September 2, 2006

This was my first attempt to embed a Google Video into my blog. It’s not happening! There are plugins for WordPress that allows the user to add videos from within the text editor. However, these plugins are not available in the free hosted version of WordPress. You guessed it my blog uses this free service. I’ll keep my eyes open and will figure out how to do this at some point.