Pictures of Beautiful South Dakota

September 16, 2006



My post earlier regarding BKG’s recruitment campaign suggests the idea of setting up a Flickr account to “show the sites” of South Dakota. An even better idea is to see whether there are any Flickr accounts already doing this! I came across this Flickr Group. Enjoy the show.

It may be worthwhile to post a picture a day, or a week on their blog with some descriptive detail about it. It could be them having a client creative briefing session, a company pic nick, or a special Sioux Falls event showing community spirit…etc.

The power of social sites like Flickr expands one’s mind regarding how to show people what it is like to be involved in something like an event, a company, a community etc. YouTube is another example where a company, if it makes sense, can post videos that are relevant to a specific initiatve.

Let’s look at the BKG sponsorship on Across The Sound. Would it make sense for the Sioux Falls Economic Development department to post a video on YouTube showing potential businesses and professionals what it is like to live there?

[SIDENOTE: I’m trying to figure out how to embed a Flickr slideshow within WordPress. I’ll let you know when I’m successful]


Things continue to get cool!

August 30, 2006

This post covers two things:

1) I used Windows Live Writer to make this post. I simple left clicked on the picture from another blog and dragged it into Windows Live Writer and voila!

2) Flickr, a popular photo file saving and sharing site now enables you post pictures so they have a geographical context. I can think of a few examples that this could work. One, is if you are on a cross country trip (Maybe my Real Life “Can You Hear Me Now” campaign, see previous post) a Verizon consumer would post their picture where they received a clear signal. Alternatively, the consumer that slammed Verizon could have pictures of Verizon customers not receiving a signal! This could be “anti across the nation” tour!

Other options:real estate agents to post their listings;band members posting pics while on tour; families posting their cross the nation holiday pics; companies posting their locations… the options are endless.

Flickr Maps, Explore Photos Nearby, #2

The Power of An Idea!

July 30, 2006


Originally uploaded by kylemac.

One Red Paper Clip is a story about how one person started with a red paper clip and through a series of trades ended up getting a house. Kyle MacDonald, is now the proud owner of a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

Amazing story!

Post and Promote Local Events using Zvent

June 28, 2006

Flicker Experiment:

This is a screenshot that was posted from Fickr account.


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Zvent is an web 2.0 service that allows you to promote local events and venues! The service depends on consumers to add their events. This could be a powerful and useful way to keep up to date on events of interest in areas you live and travel to.