Will Digg succumb to activists?

July 15, 2006

UPDATE: July 19

Michael Harrington of Techcrunch in his post about Netscape’s Digg Copycat site talks about how a small group of Digg contributors are responsible for many of the stories that make it above the fold. His post is interesting to me because it helps me understand how Digg works and how Netscape seems to be getting desperate and is trying to “buy” Digg contributors. AOL, who bought Netscape, continues to “NOT GET IT”.

I’ve been tracking some stories I’ve submitted to Digg to see whether it would be “dugg” and promoted “above the fold”. Well they haven’t! Click here to see the progress of one of my web 2.0 lab experiments using Digg.


Enterprise 2.0′: Where few firms have gone before

June 30, 2006


July 13-well this story is going nowhere fast! It would be interesting to understand how stories become popular within Digg and why. Is it a question of having a collective of fellow diggers who will act together to have a story promoted “above the fold”. If so, will Digg succumb to activist groups and their respective agendas? 

July 5-the story has been dug by one other person. Not much interest in the story but at this point I don’t understand what it takes to get a story dugg by more readers. I don’t know how many actually saw the story and what’s involve to increase exposure to the story. I will update this post as I learn more. Comments are welcome. 

Digg Experiment: 

My second story which I’ve posted on Digg to track it’s popularity and comments from “Diggnation”.

A story about how Web 2.0 tools and applications will make there way into the Business world. Introduces “Dabble” as a Web 2.0 entrant in the Enterprise market. B2B Web 2.0?

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A story I submitted on Digg

June 28, 2006

Digg Experiment: 

Below is an article which I submitted to Digg for comments from the Digg community (the consumers or “audience” of Web 2.0) The article is written by Mark Evans, a Canadian journalist. Here’s the link to his blog.

What is cool about this experiment is I’m using Digg to watch whether the story becomes popular, seeing how the system works and I’m really interested in hearing what Diggers have to say about the topic.

Here’s what I posted on Digg with a link to Digg’s site and the source article on Mark’s blog:

Does Marketing Matter Within Web 2.0?  

The cool factor on this story is probably a 2 out of 10. I’m interested in what the Digg community (the consumers of web 2.0) thinks about the role marketing plays in promoting sites like Digg, Blogs, Delicious, Flickr…etc. I think it starts with a really cool experience on a site that doesn’t crash, Word of mouth and free doesn’t hurt!

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Digg’s David?

June 28, 2006

Chris’ Context: 

This article below gives you some indication of the power that Digg is gaining in the news aggregation field. Consumers may prevail as long as large multi-nationals don’t gobble all of them up. The big question is will a Digg become another Google who competes against multi-nationals (while becoming one itself!) or will Digg be purchased by one (like Myspace which was purchased by Fox).

Digg Experiment:

I’ve blogged the link to the article below.

Source Article: 

Tiny Upstart Aims to Disrupt 300 Lb. Gorillas Digg, AOL/Netscape Beta

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Adding Digg articles to my blog

June 25, 2006

Chris’ Context:

Below is an article that I had posted directly from Digg’s site. I provided Digg with the login information and URL to this blog and now can post Digg articles directly at the click of a link. Digg keeps track of what articles I’ve posted onto my blog as well. Digg posts the content and the read more link goes to the source article and the digg story links back to the digg submission. Users can read the article on digg’s site and press the digg it button if they want the article to be promoted higher in terms of importance/popularity.

Digg Experient:

The release of version 3.0 of Digg has brought about a renewed discussion on the rise of citizen journalism. But is the selection of news stories really related to a change in position of the major news outlets?

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