B2B Marketing Blog coming

December 8, 2006

I will be launching have launched a B2B Marketing blog in the new year. Instead of creating and managing a third blog I’ve elected to replace the Marketing Superhero blog I’ve been writing with this new one. There may be a Marketing Superheros section on the blog, but this is yet to be determined.

Recently my posts on this blog have been random at best [UPDATE: I’m committed to steady posts for both blogs in 2008]. I will continue to randomly post to this blog but my focus in the short term will be set up and contributions to my B2B Marketing blog.

I will keep you “posted”.



Podcasting – “A 1:1:n Interactive Conversation”

July 25, 2006


It is really interesting to see how Podcasters like Joseph Jaffe who’s Podcast series Across The Sound (ATS)is trying, testing and daring to do things. Podcasting, as is the case with blogs, starts with one person picking an area of interest and producing content that is or becomes compelling to readers/listeners.

Across The Sound is about “new marketing” (see my “who cares” post on labels) which revolves around creating and continuing conversation with listeners. As is the case with great podcasts, Joseph makes a 1to1 and 1ton (many) connection for listeners. The 1to1 connection starts by providing compelling content that I helps me learn, makes me laugh and kills time when I’m on the stairmaster! This 1to1 connection is amplified when listening with an iPOD where pretty much all you hear is the voice of the podcaster in your mind. The earphones block out noise and distractions making it even more “connected”.

As is the case with every ATS podcast, I can leave an audio comment expressing my point of view on the subject, the overall podcast or anything I want. These comments can be integrated into a show or in some cases can become the basis of an entire show. By playing audio comments my views are broadcast to the listening audience. My comments may spur other comments and debate. This interactive conversation is different from radio programs for reasons I may go into detail when I’m less tired!

If you are going to podcast, I suggest you allow your listeners to leave audio comments and/or post comments.

Wow, Cool Blackberry!

July 22, 2006

While at a customer “Box Event” (my team puts these on and they consist of a 45 minute interactive session followed by taking in a Blue Jay’s game in a Box Suite) on Thursday, I wanted to show my blog to an associate. I gave it a try on my BlackBerry. I’ve found in the past that it is a hit and miss when it comes to sites presenting properly on a BB screen. In fact the Roger’s site, which is book marked on my Rogers BB, isn’t optimized for mobile device viewing. However, my blog, which uses the Word Press platform displayed perfectly! Good Stuff.