VP of Marketing Position

I was recently contacted by EA Clarke regarding a VP of Marketing position for a radidly growing Web 2.0 oriented company. If you are a fan of Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail” then this company could be right up your alley if you think you can handle the job! This company provides an at Home DVD rental (including Blueray for you Sony fans) on-demand entertainment service. You rent whatever DVD’s you want from arguably the largest colletion of popular and niche titles this side of the border. The community of customers provide reviews and Zip does a pretty good job in the top N lists area.

They are the backend service provider for a large video rental chain (of which I’m a customer). This indirect/private label approach is smart assuming they can replicate the model through other entertainment oriented retailers. They could become the “Pegasus” of Digital Entertainment. (Pegasus was the prime distributor of books to Book retailers in Canada…then we know what happened….Schwartz and Heather).

E.A., the Executive Recruiter said they are looking for someone with web 2.0 experience. Contact E.A. Clarke if you are interested, he is at the StoneWood Group.


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