Lot’s have happened while my head’s been in the sand!

Hey, I’m back. It’s been awhile, my head has been burried deep in many things to such an extent my “day job” has creeped, more like consumed, my family and blogging life.

The new marketing world is moving fast in the great white north.

Michael Seaton has released a podcast series called “The Money Clip. Great stuff.

PodCamp Toronto is being held on February 24-25th. Cool!

And “Mesh”, A Web Conference, will be held in Toronto in May! This is a “must attend” conference if you’re serious about web 2.0, social media and new marketing (take your pick! =)). While I’m impressed with the keynote presenters, I am equally impressed with the Canadian talent that is organizing this.

This is really encouraging and I encourage all those wishing to transform the way they do business to attend podcamp and go to the web conference. Listen to the Money Clip. Why? We need to learn and listen more. We need to get together and build our competency and skills in new media now. As a Canadian I’m encouraged but dismayed that we appear late in the “new marketing” game.


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