Some advice for Google re: Blogger Beta version

I/We all have very little -ve to say about Google. They truly “get it” in so many ways when it comes to the Internet experience for us customers.

Google embodies innovation and beta is good (unless you are Sony!). They release their experiments quickly and often. This is great. I don’t want them to change because things process can interfere with productivity and execution.


Google has released a new Beta version of blogger which being an early adoption I’ve “signed up”! The blog itself is improved with labels (why not just call them tags?), and a tree menu approach for recent posts.

I was however surprised that my transition to this beta version hasn’t been smooth in two areas: 1) Using Windows Live Writer (I’m getting a error message and 2) I cannot cross link from other Blogger sites (this is odd because it’s simple an earlier version of Blogger – is Google capable of handling version compatability issues?)

Here’s the error notice when I tried to post a link from someone elses Blogger post:

As a customer I don’t give a rats ass that my account as moved, I simply want to enjoy the new features of Blogger without it impacting what worked for me in the past.

What exactly does “coming soon mean”?


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