Blogcast Network (TM=))

2006-10-20_023746.jpgAs some of you may know I use Windows Live Writer or Performancing which are sort of like desktop tools or interfaces that make it easier for me to post on my blogs on the fly. Windows Live Writer is cool, although since I upgraded my Blogger blog to the new beta version Live Writer is pooched and can’t publish to it (I’ll know in a minute if Performancing has the same issue). Any way, getting back to the relevancy of this post!

Performancing is interesting in that they provide you with an interface to post on your blog but this is more or less the gateway into the core services they offer bloggers and now advertisers. I’m still not familiar with these services but I got an email today announcing their partner offering to bloggers and advertisers.


Performancing is providing the blogging community with a tool to post, conduct analytics, and now a platform AND (blogcast?) network that will link advertisers with blogs and vica versa. I’ll set up an experiment on this and like Google Adsense on my Marketing Superhero blog I’ll keep you up to date on how this is going.

Take care and sorry for taking so long to put up a new post.



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