150,000 Blogs to go!

 My goal is to get into the top 100,000 blogs. Why? Because this graphic on Technorati is bugging the crap out of me. I am very competitive and goal oriented and the fact that this graphic continually reminds me that I’m not “qualified” to be measured burns my butt.  Analytics and measurement is a key differentiator the internet has over traditional marketing in that it can be measured.

The problem with blog tools/services is that some provide analytics (out of the box – simple and automatically provided) such as WordPress and others that don’t. In order to businesses to adopt blogs analytics must be offered “out of the box” and “self service”.

Technorati would incent more bloggers (especially corporate) if they provided additional value regarding analytics and bring the traffic history measuring “requirement” down to 0! This is “anti” long tail thinking in my view.


One Response to 150,000 Blogs to go!

  1. cherbert15 says:

    A quick update:

    Is Technorati quickly succumbing to mass/mainstream media? Blog stats only for the top 100,000 and now mass marketing banner advertising is starting to show up?


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