WriteToBlog test

I’m trying WriteToMyBlog “out of the box” so to speak. Some initial observations:

 – it’s a free service, cool.

– it offers more functionality then blogger posting interfaces such as highlighting (how does one turn it off though?) Oh, I figured it out either select a white background or press the return key and backspace.  They should make it so that the you can select a default hi-lite so you can just select a word and it automatically renders the hi-lite though

– is the default font size 8 pt?  Can this be changed and stay changed or does it reset to 8pt?

  • bullets  are cool, maybe sub-bullets in the future? Already there see below!
    • Here’s a sub bullet
      • Here’s a sub sub bullet

– Inserting pictures is a problem. There is no way to access, from what I can tell, an image from my local hard drive. 

– SuperscriptingSuperscripting and Subcriptiingsubscripting seems pretty cool. I’d take the subscription down a shade maybe.

bolding works well as does italics. Just a heads up that you’ll know if the feature is active if it has an opaque blue shading around it.

– lets try some pictures:

 http://www.newtek.com/products/lightwave/tutorials/modeling/superman/index.htmlI dragged this Superman logo from Google images. The default setting is as you see this post. I imagine that I could tweak this but it would be better if the text wraps around the picture more eloquently. 

Tags…this is a problem (maybe just for my first post?). I cannot access a menu of tags from my blog. Using LiveWriter I can. This means that I have to login to WordPress and select my categories (tags). This would not be an issue with Blogger because they don’t support tags. Or at least I’ve not figured this out yet. Tags are the key “index” of a blog. Tags are displayed for selection during the publishing process. Can they allow for adding tags at some point? 

– So let’s try to post this now! 


2 Responses to WriteToBlog test

  1. Hi Chris,

    I did a Google Blog search for WriteToMyBlog and found your Post. Thanks for using WriteToMyBlog. To answer some of your questions:
    -The default font and size is whatever your actual Blog template uses. You can of cause overide that using WirteToMyBlog if you want (using the font/size pulldowns).
    -We don’t host images for you, there simply referenced. I use Flickr to host all my images and then use that images URL and paste into the WriteToMyBlog insert image form. And yes you can wrap images. We may do a mash-up with Flickr in the future the make it all easy.
    -Tags, I’m a little confused as to your question. Basically you can add tags into the tag field and we generate Technorati tag links at the end of your Post. Categories are something diferent and they get selected when publishing, there shown with the list of Blogs to publish to.
    -You can also add tables to your Post
    -And multi language ajax spell checker
    -Post to more than one Blog at a time (if you had more than one)
    Hope that helps and thanks for using WriteToMyBlog, we’re just a week old so we hope to make many more imprvements in the near future.

    Thanks Mark,

  2. cherbert15 says:

    Thanks Mark for the tutorial and contribution. Much appreciated. I’ll continue with my WriteToMyBlog lab experiment. I love web 2.0 tools and services that are so easy to use anyone can use them right away without having to tweak configs/settings. It’s almost like we learn MORE how to use the tool as we go and the experience gets better! Too often I find software inhibits me from a postiive progressive learning experience. I have to go back and figure out why something didn’t do what I expected and try to fix it. It may be unrealistic from me to expect the opposite (in other words my learning progresses through success and discover instead of failure and fixing)…it’s a pretty neat concept though.

    Learn through success and discovery.


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