Quantity vs Quality?

I’ve heard from various sources that bloggers need to post frequently in order to keep people interested and coming back to read and post comments. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted and my traffic dropped mid way during this lull but peaked the other day. As a bloggiest(TM!) (blog hoppiest) there will be times when my blogs are neglected due to family and professional obligations. This is just reality. This raises the question regarding quality vs. quantity and context based content too.

I’ve recently started unsubscribing to “popular” blogs because of the quantity AND quality of their posts. Some bloggers seem to think that people want to invest their time reading about social dinners, or worse yet re-reading someone elses post. It’s almost as if they feel compelled to post SOMETHING to keep their readers salvating for more….well STOP! =)

I want original thought, quality content and contextual relevance. So, at this point, I will post when and only when I’ve got something interesting I’m doing and thinking. I hope my 48 readers are cool with this. =)


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