A Blog to read and a firm to watch…..& learn

Fresh Glue, a blog by BKG is a must read. The firm, located in South Dakota, is a firm to watch too. They have launched what I would call a web 2.0 or social media campaign with the goal of hiring one talented new marketing dude or dudette. What’s the vehicle for promoting their recruitment efforts? They are sponsoring Across The Sound, a popular new marketing podcast produced by Joseph Jaffe, author of the Jaffe Juice Blog.

Joseph is a Marketing Superhero candidate, but that’s a separate conversation and blog.

BKG is offering more then a job opportunity. They are offering you the opportunity to join an organization of thought leaders who appreciate talent, passion, family, safety and quality of life. I believe they are on to something.

I think using Across the Sound is a good choice because Joseph is committed to them being successful. The logical reason is he wants to show that sponsorship works on his show. However, while this is likely true, Joseph wants his show to help BKG achieve their goal. He has, on numerous occasions, announced his committment and desire for BKG to succeed and he’s offering $500 to the successful candidate. Again, look deeper then the obvious on this one. Real marketing is about real relationships and real results…and not CPM, Mascots, Superbowl ads, taglines, logos and marketing fluff. The times are a changin!

One thing I would suggest BKG to do is to set up a Flickr site and post pictures of Sioux Falls and any other photos that help visually display the quality of life they talk about in their vignettes on Across The Sound.

Good Stuff and my hope is that BKG finds the person they are looking for and that person finds the quality of live the aspire to have!


One Response to A Blog to read and a firm to watch…..& learn

  1. Chris,
    Thanks for the kind comments regarding our job search and for reading our blog. Certainly having Joseph as an advocate for us is a benefit, but the primary reason we’re sponsoring ATS is that we believe good advertising should be targeted. The kind of people we’re looking for are the kind of people who listen to ATS.

    Thanks for the good suggestion on the Flickr site. We’ve been looking at other ways to extend the search throughout social media and Flickr could be a good place to start.

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