Ratings going up, but is this good or bad?

My rankings on Technorati are going up but there is something disturbing going on. There are blogs that are linking to my posts that are simply reposting my headline. This could be alright I guess but as I review these blogs posts they seem to just post other blog links only. There is no person associated to the blog which raises a flag to me.

My sense is that these folks are collecting links from other blogs and posting them on their blogs to increase traffic to their sites. Why? There ONLY purpose is to increase traffic to generate adsense revenue.

I think I’ll find out who is behind these blogs to validate my concerns. These folks could qualify as marketing villians on my Marketing Superhero blog.

I’ll keep you “posted”. =)


One Response to Ratings going up, but is this good or bad?

  1. Tom says:

    This is a common strategy for increasing traffic to a blog – by posting titles you are loading your page with keywords, that the search engines pick up on. It also takes very little effort to keep your pages fresh if you simply cannibalise someone else’s work – the search engines crawl fresh content more than they do doramnt pages, so this is again advantageous to the person stealing your titles.

    I’d be more concerned if they were stealing the entire content of your pages – this is also a widespread content and devalues your own efforts in terms of search engine ranking.

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