The Toronto Start to launch STARPM

The Toronto Star is launching a downloadable newspaper this Tuesday. You can subscribe here. This is pretty interesting and I’ve subscribed to the service. Essentially I will receive a daily PDF condensed version of the star and each page is 8 1/2 x 11 inches so it can be printed out if need be.

It should be interesting to see if they use web2.0 tools with this PDF paper or not. They are pushing content to readers, but I wonder if they will seek out opinion and comments and allow for conversation?


One Response to The Toronto Start to launch STARPM

  1. shawnpetriw says:

    You would think they’d at least add some level of interaction in the product; for example making the ads clickable and driving the person to the advertiser’s web site.

    Also, each of those short stories could have a “more at The Star” taking the user to an exapnded story at the newspaper’s web site.

    Or a click to comment, etc. etc.

    They are missing a huge opportunity for interactivitiy. Not fully getting it.

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