Internet 2 or "just the Internet"?

Yesterday I posted an interview with Tim Berners-Lee the man some have called the Father of the Web, click here for more info on Tim. I disagree with his notion that web2.0 is “just the web” (see post below, warning its LONG).

Fundamental things are happening on the web that in my opinion is distinct and different from web1.0. During web1.0 (.com and .bomb) our business models existed in power point presentations. We were told by Venture Capitalists (not all of them) to show a “hockey stick” revenue growth slide and talk “eyeballs”. Well, the “hockey stick” ended up pointing downward while we wasted money on Super Bowl ads, mascots and start up parties. The term burn rate and headcount somehow was a “good thing”. 

So, where am I going with this? What was missing back in web1.0 day was OpenSource, Adsense, Ajax, today’s teenagers and web savvy kids…to name a few. Today, software is cheap (sometimes free), more people have high speed internet connectivity and consumers are generating content. People can start there businesses online for minimal investment and have immediate revenue opportunities using affiliation based incentives through Google Adsense and Search, Amazon, eBay and on and on.

We not only have sources of revenue to underwrite our costs (time, money and resources), we also have distribution/promotional channels for our wares (iTunes, Google, Technorati, Podcast Alley, RSS, Newsgator…..etc) and financial utility tools (Paypal, Googles eCommerce service) and platforms to communicate our offerings whether it be content, products or services (blogs, wiki’s, podcasts).

THIS IS HUGE AND VERY DIFFERENT. This is the “new web”. Web2.0.

So, where does Internet2 fit into this? Well, its an advanced high speed network being deployed which is REAL FAST. This network is a newer version of the Internet…hence the name Internet2.

Both the Internet and the Web are evolving into newer improved versions.


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    Internet 2 or "just the Internet"? | My Web 2.0 Experience

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