Things continue to get cool!

This post covers two things:

1) I used Windows Live Writer to make this post. I simple left clicked on the picture from another blog and dragged it into Windows Live Writer and voila!

2) Flickr, a popular photo file saving and sharing site now enables you post pictures so they have a geographical context. I can think of a few examples that this could work. One, is if you are on a cross country trip (Maybe my Real Life “Can You Hear Me Now” campaign, see previous post) a Verizon consumer would post their picture where they received a clear signal. Alternatively, the consumer that slammed Verizon could have pictures of Verizon customers not receiving a signal! This could be “anti across the nation” tour!

Other options:real estate agents to post their listings;band members posting pics while on tour; families posting their cross the nation holiday pics; companies posting their locations… the options are endless.

Flickr Maps, Explore Photos Nearby, #2


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