How simple is it to create word of mouth?! Real Simple!

Below is a video from YouTube. Here is what is amazing! As I post this video that slams Verizon’s “national coverage” I am watching a Verizon commercial on CBS! Wow! Verizon is announcing that Walmart is selling their services. Here is an example of how web2.0 and social media (sharing ideas, videos, music, pictures, source code..etc) can be used to “advertise” a consumers point of view.

How simple is it for me to extend this consumers voice? Real simple! This video implies that Verizon’s coverage sucks in New York City. Who are you going to believe? Verizon or this consumer? Will this impact Verizon? Maybe not, but word of mouth travels (whether true or not) and people are very jaded about what they see and hear from advertisers.

So what would I do? I’d find my loyal Verizon customers and create a REAL CAMPAIGN using their “Can You Hear Me Now” creative. Instead of an actor walking around saying “Can You Hear Me Now” why not mobilize (pun intended) their loyal customers to prove (and disprove) the coverage or lack thereof claim.

[Sidenote: So how easy is it for you to post a YouTube video in your blog? Extremely simple, I’ll show you how this works next!]


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