My blog being mentioned on Beyond Madison Avenue(BMA) Blog

A couple of things for us newbie bloggers! WordPress allows you to track your blog traffic statistics. It tells you how many unique visitors you’ve had, what search terms were used that resulted in someone going to your blog and what sites referred people to you. Pretty cool!

For example, Mack Collier mentioned my blog (among others) in this post on Beyond Madison Avenue’s blog. The reason I know this is WordPress has a referrers section on its Blog Stats page. It tells me that people clicked links from this referring blog to get to mine.

The result?

  • Well, while the visitor who was referred will judge whether my blog is of value and worth their time, I received a pretty good “endorsement” from a popular blog in Marketing and Advertising.
  • I also, have the opportunity to reach out to Mack to thank him for the post and to perhaps keep in touch on matters of mutual interest.

I’ve asked Mack how he heard about my blog as I’m interested to know this.

[UPDATE AUG 28: Mack found my blog by searching Technorati (a blog search engine/directory) using the search term “marketing”]


3 Responses to My blog being mentioned on Beyond Madison Avenue(BMA) Blog

  1. Mack Collier says:

    Chris I’m glad I could give your blog some extra exposure, you’re doing a good job here!

  2. cherbert15 says:

    Thanks Mack, much appreciated.

  3. davidvogt says:

    Your article is very informative and helped me further.

    Thanks, David

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