Web2.0 Head to Head

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m going to do some head to head comparisons with Windows Live Writer and Performancing. My objective in these head to heads is to put myself in the shoes of a non-technical person who wants to start “getting into” web2.0 stuff…like blogging for example.

At the risk of being repetitive, it is critical that web2.0 services and tools are extremely intuitive, easy to use and addictive! They should be time consuming because the person enjoys using it as opposed to having to understand to use it. Troubleshooting and “help FAQ’s” are not an option.

Here’s my simple Head to Head comparison metrics:

1) Time – how long did it take to complete the task. This will be measured in seconds/minutes.

2) Ease – how simple was it to complete the task. This will be measured using a 3 point Likert scale:

1-Smile, no surprises and it did exactly what was expected

2-Hmmm, not so simple although I was able to figure it out with opening a user manual and it did pretty much what I expected

3-Frown, I had to figure out how to do it but the result was either bang on or acceptable

4-Grrrr, forget it.

I’ll work with this simple rating system for now.


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