Windows Live Writer (Beta)

Another Web2.0 Experiment I’ve started is using Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer blog publishing application. This is my first post using WLW (hey, it isn’t a technology thingy if there is no acronym!).

Here is the link to more information and to download. A couple of interesting claims:

It is supposed to make it easier to upload posts. Sometimes it is a pain in the butt trying to format posts when photos are included or when you want to add bullets, indents etc.

So, let’s try adding a photo. Herbert lake is located in  British Columbia. A family member is out in B.C. and she sent me these photos. Here’s the sign.

Here’s a picture of the lake itself.



The verdict, too early to tell. It may take me just as long to learn how to use this then the WordPress (by blogging software service). The photos above were perfectly aligned when working in the Live Writer editor but when I did a preview (the same as a “print preview” one uses prior to printing a word document), the photo’s weren’t aligned. As you can notice.

What I like, initially:

  1. Live Writer works with WordPress (not owned by Microsoft).
  2. It works with Firefox a threat to Microsoft’s IE browser.
  3. Microsoft isn’t forcing me to use their software and the client software seems pretty simple.

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