Deep Dive Lab Experiment-update #2

Use Case #1 Post another Blogger’s post

I found a video interview posted on TechCrunch and used Performancing to post it on my blog. Here’s the original post copy:

Post Title: Web 2.0: The 24 Minute Documentary

Post: For those new to “Web2.0” here’s something to watch. When I get a chance I’ll add my 2 cents worth.

LINK WAS SUPPOSED TO GO HERE! Just like I did for this post.

I tried to use Performancing to post this but it didn’t take…odd.

Rule #1 when you want the masses to adopt technology…make it easy and fun … and not quirky and time consuming. Nobody wants to scratch their head, post an incomplete post that gets picked up by RSS readers and technorati. Personally it doesn’t matter as much to me because the purpose of this blog is to experiment with web2.0 apps and services.


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