Viral Marketing that Works!

Saturn Sky

Originally uploaded by sandy kemsley.

I’ve already posted a pic from Flikr regarding this, but I wanted to show you and how viral marketing works well. Saturn provided Blogher conference attendees with the opportunity to test drive their cool sports coupe. Think about the target audience. Intelligent, motivated, creative and forward thinking women and men who blog!

They communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Here is a group of like minded people with common interests! They are communal and love to communicate and share their experiences and…. you guessed it photos! The result. They will share their experience and pictures of the car with their readers and on photo sharing sites like Flikr.

This was not forced it happened naturally…virally.


2 Responses to Viral Marketing that Works!

  1. That test drive really was the most fun that I’ve had in the front seat of a car for a long time!

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