Real World Wiki Experiment

I am conducting a WiKi experiment at my place of work. The WiKi is being used to launch a marketing program for sales and marketing teams from key partners and my company. Why am I doing this?

A key challenge we face in the tech industry is the amount of information or content we deal with on a day by day basis. This information can be in the form of emails, RFPs, proposals, meetings, webcasts, whitepapers, conversations… you get the picture right?

A Wiki can be used as a tool to create an interative knowledge base for a subject, project, program etc. It can be an effective way to accumulate micro content which when aggregated and linked together can help a knowledge worker in various ways.

On-demand Information – If architected properly (information design is important) the content can be gathered, classified, linked and placed into logical sections (organization is important too).

For example: the program wiki I’ve created has the following sections:

  • Homepage (with updates so the reader can scan the page and see if anything has changed on the wiki, if not they can move on to other things)
  • Partner Development
  • Campaigns
  • Learning and Education
  • Events

Readers/Learners know that if they want a definitive source for this program a quick visit to the wiki is the best option.

Helps Establish a Broader and Clearer Picture – because the information is collected in a central location readers can see all that is happening. The Wiki author(s) can update, edit and create links to relevant content.

Readers get to see where things link together and why. This is instead of receiving emails periodically which creates fragmentation of information and mental clutter (each person manages or mis-manages their inbox! A WiKi manages the information for them…this is powerful!)

Reduces email volume – Emails are reduced to an update that the Wiki has changed if any emails are sent at all!

As this real life experiment continues I will update you.


One Response to Real World Wiki Experiment

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