Key Leaders from HP Eating the Dogfood!

I am really impressed with leaders who try new things, freely communicate and who participate in web2.0 stuff. They take risks and put themselves in the mix and muck. Two examples are Phil McKinney and Erik Kintz from HP.

Erik is a Global VP of Marketing who’s Marketing Excellence corporate blog gives you updates on what HP is doing when it comes to web2.0 stuff. Recent campaigns have been geared to consumers around the theme of the personal computer becoming personal again. Erik provides us with the opportunity to learn what HP is doing. He is also immersing himself in web2.0 stuff personally and professionally. A new “convergence” perhaps?

Phil is a VP/CTO at HP and he has a Blog and Podcast Series called Killer Innovations. His podcasts are awesome! They educate me on real world things he does with respect to innovation. His podcasts provide insights, ideas, mechanisms and tools used to help cultivate ideas and innovation.

These two gentlemen are living examples of leaders that “get it” and “do it”. HP’s “tagline” is “Invent”. These guys are demonstrating that the HP brand is all about invention through their actions and contributions.

For all you execs who don’t listen to podcasts start with Phil’s. Many CEOs are saying their companies must innovate. My question to the CEO is what are you doing to innovate? How are you adopting social media for your own professional development? If you’re not living by example how useful are you to your customers, employees and shareholders?


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