Social Media At Work?

I received a call today from Leah Redditt today from The Laudi Group, a recruitment firm. Leah assessed my interest in a Director of Marketing position at an eCommerce company in Toronto. How this is relevant to my web2.0 experience you may wonder? Leah saw my LinkedIn profile and gave me a call.

LinkedIn is a networking site where you post your professional profile and then link with other people you know, meet and are introduced to. It is another example of people using the web to connect with each other.

For those job hunting here’s the position that Leah is looking to fill for her client:

The role: *Director of Marketing

*Our client is a leading provider of hosted and customizable eCommerce solutions for online sellers. Hosted an ASP-model offering (up front cost with shared revenue). Company is $6M, staff of 75, growing quickly, shared revenue model. Clients include Dell, Ebay,, Overstock, Ubid, Disney, MLB, etc. (all US, not Canada)

This company is looking for a dynamic marketing professional who has expertise in the product management discipline. This individual will be responsible for the direction and strategy of the marketing efforts.

Location: Toronto
Salary: Open

Leah Redditt
Research Associate
The Laudi Group
T: 416-934-9500 x149
F: 416-935-2500


One Response to Social Media At Work?

  1. William K. says:

    I feel that I must comment on this entry, as I was recruited (and hired into a great job) by a headhunter that found me through Linked In. When used responsibly, Linked In is a powerful tool. -WLK

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