Web 2.0? Social Media? Who really cares?!

Various “labels” are being bandied about regarding the new things that are happening on the web. Here’s the running count: web 2.0, social media, consumer generated content, consumer generated communications, the social consumer(I coined this one, feel free to lay claim if you were first), the “new” marketing ..yadda, yadda, yadda.

I care less about what we call this and more about what is causing this. I picked “web 2.0” because it was the first label or category name I encountered. Plus, this blog is solely dedicated to new web based services, communities and applications that look, smell and feel like new age web based stuff. Things that have been developed based on the Open Source culture. Open source culture transcends beyond exchanging code and improving on it and then sharing it. It’s about sharing ideas, content, creative, code and communications (Too many c’s for my liking but I think it paints a pretty good picture).

So, who gives a rats ____ what it’s called and lets not worry about what we call it. Let’s empower those that use it to make it better and those that don’t to do so.


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