New “Feature” to My Web 2.0 Experience

My blog features the “Web 2.0 Lab(TM?!)” which to date chronicals the experiments I am conducting using web 2.0 applications, communities and services. To date this has been more informal where I poke around things and see what happens. I will continue to do this as I like to try lots of things to see what naturally sticks. However, from time to time I will pick an experiment to “go deep” on one application. My mind is playing with what this would look like.Here is what I will commit at this point. I will pick a web 2.0 app, service or community and fully immerse myself into it over a specific period of time. At the end of the “immersion” process I will spit out a review that will be available for all to see, comment, challenge and contribute to.

Stay tuned and add your ideas and thoughts to this post and I’ll incorporate them into my immersion test.


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