Another nail in the coffin?

The iPOD has opened my mind! It is THE primary device I use to listen and learn DAILY. iTUNES searches, updates and aggregates the stuff I listen to. As a result, I’m able to listen to great music (to be entertained) and great minds (to learn and get involved) about Web 2.0 stuff.

When I take in a Podcast, I hear about opportunities to meet people (DemoCamp, CaseCamp) in group settings and one to one with thought leaders like Mitch from Twist Image who’s Podcast Six Pixels of Separation you must listen to.

So what is the relevance to my Title “Another Nail in the Coffin?”. It’s very simple, today’s internet generation share ideas, pictures, music, source code and on and on. This is a culture and movement away from traditional uni-directional “selective” communication from the media and corporations. They are and will lose control if they don’t embrace this phenomena. Take music for example. I want to pay the artists directly for their talent and I’d like most of the money to go to them and not old age overhead such as retailers, distributors and “labels”. I want to reward people who provide the most value to me. I’m not interested in lining the pockets of rich shareholders and overpaid executives.

I guarantee you that someone will use this evolving social network as a viable distribution channel for products and services. The next music label may be a consortium of artists and fans working together to create great music and be paid for their efforts. Heck I can burn CD’s and promote them. Why do we need Sony? Why do we need ticketmaster?

Change your business by embracing the changing web. Open up the kumo and ask and receive honest feedback from customers, partners AND employees. Get with it or the “new” companies such as Google and the “new consumer” will eat your lunch.


2 Responses to Another nail in the coffin?

  1. Mitch Joel says:

    Thanks for the kind comments Chris. We live in a world that is moving fast. Thankfully, it’s not so fast that we all can’t keep pace. The trick is to remember that, as of now, it’s going to be hard to learn this stuff in the traditional ways (i.e. books). They only way to get on board is to do it, try it and immerse ourselves in it. Why would we do that? Because, we’re passionate about it!

  2. cherbert15 says:

    Mitch, you are bang on! Get into it, try it and explore.

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