Marketing Monger and why he’s on to something

Eric Mattson is on a quest to produce 1000 podcasts! This got my attention for two reasons. 1) This is a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and 2) It’s about a subject of great interest to me professionally and personally…marketing. He focuses on this topic and engaging with experts in the marketing field.

There have been a few interviews that put me to sleep and Eric says “uh huh” a little too often. He may use this as a mechanism to keep the speaker moving and encouraged. However, I’ve listened to (hang on I’m checking my iPOD) about 15 interviews so far and Eric gets an A!

[Update: The power of blogging! Eric responded to this observation, it may be just me being petty(re: the uh huh thing)..but he is open to feedback from his listeners. This is the sign of a good podcaster that get’s it. Click on the comments link below].

The other smart thing he has done is set up a blog which he uses for show notes and links to content referenced in each podcast. This is a requirement for good podcasting I’ve learned.


2 Responses to Marketing Monger and why he’s on to something

  1. Eric Mattson says:


    I’m glad that you enjoy the podcasts.

    I’ll see if I can’t clean up my “uh-huhs” a bit.

    If you keep listening, I’ll keep interviewing!


  2. cherbert15 says:

    Eric, very often I take you on my morning walks with Quincy my Husky.

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