Enterprise 2.0′: Where few firms have gone before


July 13-well this story is going nowhere fast! It would be interesting to understand how stories become popular within Digg and why. Is it a question of having a collective of fellow diggers who will act together to have a story promoted “above the fold”. If so, will Digg succumb to activist groups and their respective agendas? 

July 5-the story has been dug by one other person. Not much interest in the story but at this point I don’t understand what it takes to get a story dugg by more readers. I don’t know how many actually saw the story and what’s involve to increase exposure to the story. I will update this post as I learn more. Comments are welcome. 

Digg Experiment: 

My second story which I’ve posted on Digg to track it’s popularity and comments from “Diggnation”.

A story about how Web 2.0 tools and applications will make there way into the Business world. Introduces “Dabble” as a Web 2.0 entrant in the Enterprise market. B2B Web 2.0?

read more | digg story


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