Working Definition: Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is being defined on a daily basis but when you peel back the onion I see it as a set of tools that consumers (the masses) can use to create, publish and share content, ideas and experiences with other people. A critical piece to this is the startups and enterpreneurs who are creating these tools and experiences. Some examples of these tools and services are:

Digg – a site where consumers submit artilces they like, think are important etc. Other Digg users can rate these stories and influence the overall ranking of the story based if they also think it’s interesting and/or important.

Zvents – a site where consumers can find, post and enrol in events.

WordPress – a blog tool and publishing service

Delicious – a web based book marketing service that consumers can share with friends and the public at large.

Flock – a browser which enables users to not only view web pages using tabs but also allows you to receive RSS feeds (kind of like a web “inbox” for updated new content from sites you like), post comments to your blog and photo sharing site.

Flickr – a site where you can upload, organize and share photos with friends and the public at large.

Podcasting – audio related content that you can listen to on the web and on a mobile device like an Apple IPod.

Torrent Sites – Tools and services that allow you to share and download software and content from other consumers.

The key, in my mind, is that these services not all be gobbled up by large media empires. Some of them must evolve into the next generation business like a Google.

Click here for O’Reilly publications in-depth description and a visual framework of Web 2.0.

Click here to listen to Techcrunches Michael Arrington and CNET’s Brian Cooley about Web 2.0


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