A story I submitted on Digg

Digg Experiment: 

Below is an article which I submitted to Digg for comments from the Digg community (the consumers or “audience” of Web 2.0) The article is written by Mark Evans, a Canadian journalist. Here’s the link to his blog.

What is cool about this experiment is I’m using Digg to watch whether the story becomes popular, seeing how the system works and I’m really interested in hearing what Diggers have to say about the topic.

Here’s what I posted on Digg with a link to Digg’s site and the source article on Mark’s blog:

Does Marketing Matter Within Web 2.0?  

The cool factor on this story is probably a 2 out of 10. I’m interested in what the Digg community (the consumers of web 2.0) thinks about the role marketing plays in promoting sites like Digg, Blogs, Delicious, Flickr…etc. I think it starts with a really cool experience on a site that doesn’t crash, Word of mouth and free doesn’t hurt!

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