Adding Digg articles to my blog

Chris’ Context:

Below is an article that I had posted directly from Digg’s site. I provided Digg with the login information and URL to this blog and now can post Digg articles directly at the click of a link. Digg keeps track of what articles I’ve posted onto my blog as well. Digg posts the content and the read more link goes to the source article and the digg story links back to the digg submission. Users can read the article on digg’s site and press the digg it button if they want the article to be promoted higher in terms of importance/popularity.

Digg Experient:

The release of version 3.0 of Digg has brought about a renewed discussion on the rise of citizen journalism. But is the selection of news stories really related to a change in position of the major news outlets?

read more | digg story


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