A consumer and marketers Web 2.0 journey

I am using this blog to share my Web 2.0 learning experience. This blog will capture and record this learning experience and my thoughts as to how Web 2.0 will fit into my professional and personal life. I’ve been in marketing for 20 years and am amazed at what people are doing on the web today. The .com era is gone but what it did was create a platform for us to communicate. Web 2.0 is an exciting phenomena and is and will change our professional and personal lives…guaranteed.

My goals are:

1) To become a subject matter expert, from a business and personal perspective (as opposed to deep technical know how) on Web 2.0 and how Canadian companies and their customers can benefit from this new way to communicate and collaborate.

2) To get connected and build relationships with key folks in the Web 2.0 space and

3) Share and collaborate with people who have the same interest and desire to learn more about Web 2.0

This blog will evolve and organize over time. There will be a minimum of one post per day. Post your comments freely and say what’s on your mind.

Chris Herbert


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